All About an Automatic Pet Feeder

All About an Automatic Pet FeederThough is is not a very good idea to trust on an auto dispenser if you are leaving your cute little pet alone for more than a couple of days, but sometimes we are left with no other option than to do that. May we be late for the home to feed the innocent animal due to some unexpected reasons. So when you have no other choice than to leave the pet for more than a few days alone, then you should consider more about the safety aspect of the approach.

All you need to ensure is the safety of your pet. Now with the advent of information technology things are much more techy. You can go for a camera installed automatic pet feeder. This will allow you to install a webcam and to connect it to your smart phone. Thus, no problem how far you are from your pets, but you can directly watch all their activities. In case if you encounter with an issue the you can have someone to come and check the mess.

The other advanced feature is that you can adjust the machine with two feeders programmed to go off simultaneously. In case one program will fail to work, then the second program will work and your pet will not suffer from starving.

The machines are merely made for the purpose of feeding your pet but not intended to let you leave your pet home alone unsupervised for several days. So it is advisable not to trust on the devices for more than a couple of days.

The below are some important features that should be considered before buying a automatic pet feeder for your pet.

Capacity – you can find two basic types of auto dispenser in the market. The first one that allows you to fill with dry food and it will go for weeks longer. The other type, with a circular style having several compartments needs to have refill every 1-3 days basing on your feeding schedule.

Size- According to your use you can go for a larger or medium type of feeder machine. A largest model can hold more food for your pet.

Number of Feedings per day – you can set the machine with the number of Feedings per day. You can maximum schedule up to 12 feedings per day, while 5 feedings are a standard option.

Serving Size – This option enables you to quantify the amount of food needed for your pet for each dose of feeding.

Type of Food – generally people like the feeder dispenser for dry kibble. You can go for Feed and Go Smart Pet Feeder or PetSafe Eatwell Electronic Pet Feeder devices if you are looking for a wet food dispenser.

Power Type – the device is empowered with battery power. It is not advisable to go for a plug in model as it may cause danger to your pet. Sometimes pet often chews the cord and accidents happen.

Water – do not put water in your food dispenser unless it is clearly mentioned that it is designed for water as well as food. You can put a separate automatic watering bowl beside it not to damage the device.