Automatic Dog Feeder

Best Automatic Dog Feeders

There are so many things that need to be thought about when owning a dog. From the right food, to the right bed, there is so much that needs to be considered. Reviews are so important, no matter what it is you are buying. For example, you should take a look at a dog bed made by kong for a luxury dog bed. Anyway, the point we are trying to make is that you should read reviews for everything. Here is our review on automatic Dog Feeders: having an automatic dog feeder is one of the most beneficial gadgets a pet owner could have. The important part is deciding which one is best for the size of your pet and their dietary needs. Puppies are a little more rambunctious than cats are, so it’s important to find the perfect dog feeder that can withstand food times. Otherwise their food will be everywhere and your floor will be a mess, meaning you will have to break out your handheld vacuum to tidy up after them – In this article, I’ll be discussing the best of the best in the dog feeder category that I’ve had personal experience with.

The Benefits of Using a Dog Feeder

While a dog is a man’s best friend, sometimes dogs are just generally less co-dependent. Incorporating an automatic dog feeder into the mix will not only allow them to have this independence, but you can control how much they receive and when. For puppies with doctor recommendation, you can tailor their meals to doctor’s orders. You’ve most likely gone to the effort to find the best dog food for your canine friend, so why wouldn’t you serve it up in the best way too?

Capacity and Schedule

Each dog feeder will have a set capacity in its design. Before purchasing, it’s important to know the schedule and dietary needs of your pup. Some devices have a set 90-hour meal plan feature, while others have an essential function of XX amount of meals every XX hours. The needs you have will ultimately help make the decision of which to choose.

If you’re away for longer periods of time, you’ll want something with a higher capacity. If you don’t leave home often, a device with smaller capacity should be purchased.

Ultimate Safety

Having a dog feeder is safer in general, as you won’t have to worry about your pup getting into food elsewhere and potential harming their bodies. If they’re strict guidelines from the veterinarian, a regulation device such as a dog feeder should be in your sights. This will allow them to eat safely only when they’re allowed to. Physically, most devices are excellent regarding safety, but I’ve done extensive reviews on the following regarding all aspects.

Best Automatic Dog Feeders

Ergo Auto Pet Feeder

The Ergo Auto Pet Feeder is one I’ve used briefly but feel it’s easy enough that it’s all the time I needed – I’ve also done an in-depth review of the device. Specifically designed for pets with issues like acid reflux, diabetes, and weight issues, this device has eight program settings. You won’t have to worry about analog with this one, as it’s all done digitally.

Unlike other models, this one has a self-lubricating feature so you won’t have to worry about dispensing components jamming and being unable to release food to your dog. It’s also silent in comparison to other models. If you have multiple dogs and need precise feeding times for each, PuppyWire recommends the Ergo Auto Pet Feeder with their program variety.

Feed and Go Smart Pet Feeder

Oh man, I have a few words about this fantastic device! Unlike any other product I’ve reviewed in the automatic dog feeder department, none has ever incorporated the use of smartphones. Not only is this model meant for food, but you can also dispense medication on-call when you need to. If that wasn’t enough to make you purchase, this device from Feed and Go also comes with a built-in webcam. The webcam will allow you to monitor your pet’s eating habits when you’re not home.

Instead of hiring someone to feed your pup every day, you can take your vacation or business trip and dispense the proper amount of food when you need to directly from your phone. The device has built-in Wi-Fi to make sure that the connection is always established. I believe the built-in webcam is also a nice feature for those who want to monitor their home – kill two birds with one stone by adding in this security feature. No burglar would ever suspect a webcam in the dog food!

Based on those features alone, I highly recommend this model. For those who have a ton of animals (cats or dogs), the Feed and Go Smart Pet Feeder can be used with UNLIMITED pets! Some may have two pet only system, or up to 8, but the limit does not exist with this device.

Arf Pets Automatic Pet Feeder

This simple design allows you to dispense up to 10 portions per meal, with the amount of 24ml per portion. With different alarms and types of timer programming, you can dispense up to 4 meals for your pets a day. The meal dispensing option not only works with dogs but cats, too. The base of the model is large enough for medium-sized dogs and cats to enjoy.

With minimal maintenance besides batteries, this device gets all of the work done with ease. Although it doesn’t have a plethora of fancy features, it’s a great device for the price. You can record a meal call for your pets to give that personal touch when you’re not home, and you have the option of running it on batteries or a power chord. Even though I used this as a backup while I was away, I was able to have full control over the portions for my pups. For something quick and straightforward that gets the job done, choose the Arf Pets feeder.

Flexzion – Automatic Pet Feeder

On the cheaper end of an automatic dog feeder, this one looks like a gumball machine for your furbaby. The Flexzion can hold up to 7 pounds of dry food, which is fantastic for the size of the device. The weight of the food plus the weight of the device makes the dog feeder stable while your pup is eating. For a personal touch, I was able to program my voice so that the feeder could call the puppies in for food.

Regarding disassociation, pups will still be responding to your voice, so you won’t be full disassociating yourself with food time, but it’s a familiar way for them to know why the device is doing what it is, and that it’s SAFE to do so. My pup Britta was able to have her one full cup portion with this model, as it can dispense between ¼ of a cup and 1.5 cups at one time. Much like the other dog feeder, the proportion ability is great, but not revolutionary. The proportion size itself may be an advantage against others, though.

The dog feeder from Flexzion also works with cats, if yours get along. Moreover, the LCD allows you to view which meals are programmed, the sizes of the meals, and when they’re served. I recommend this for the capacity alone.

PetSafe Healthy Pet Automatic Feeder

One of the best sellers on the market, I just HAD to try this at some point. Although I originally bought it for my mother, I decided to test it out with my Britta since I already have one.

My initial reaction was that it appeared to be a trash can or a paper shredder, so it looks different than other automatic feeders, but it gets the job done in a different way! Instead of having a basin already built in, you can place a dog bowl of your choosing underneath the dispensary. It can serve puppies up to 4 cups per serving, which is more than most. It can also serve as little as 1/8 of a cup for the little ones with dietary restrictions.

If you have puppies that eat entirely too fast, and that’s half of their problem (according to the veterinarian), then you may want to try the unique sow feed mode that dispenses 1/8 of the portion over a 15-minute period. Unlike any other device on the market, this feature proves the Pet Safe automatic feeder to be a worthwhile purchase on that alone.

This model can also dispense both dry and moist food of various sizes and a variety of shapes. The versatility with this one is awesome – if it had the features of the webcam and Wi-Fi dog feeder, they’d be golden. However, I believe this one may reign supreme above the rest, regardless.

My Final Thoughts

Upon reading this, you might have thought my favorite would be the Feed and Go model. While I still use this one regularly in my home, if I needed to buy a new one, I would go with the PetSafe model. Not only can I feed a VERY specific amount over a period so my dog doesn’t eat too fast, but it also accommodates multiple food textures.

I highly recommend the PetSafe model to those who want versatility and who have multiple pets of different sizes with very particular eating habits.