Feed and Go Smart Pet Feeder

Feed and Go Smart Pet FeederOverview: The pet owners struggling with many different food related issues find Auto Feeders as a great solution for their pets to feed. The device not only dissociated the pet owners from the job of feeding their pets and to get more sleep, but it really does a favor to you by maintaining a proper dietary schedule of your pet. Apart from dealing with the foods of all kinds the device also helps pets with feeding anxiety problems. Feed and Go Smart Pet Feeder help with dispensing medicine in a great way which give you the peace of mind when you are away from the home. It can take care of the feeding responsibility when you are unable to feed your pets.

Feed and Go Smart is the name of one of the most expensive feeders available in the market. However, the features associated with the device made it the best value for money. You can get an idea by reading of the reviews of the users, it seems to think as it is well worth the price spent for it. It is featured with a webcam which will allow you to watch your cat eating. If you have multiple cats you can easily make out which cat is eating how much. It really is the next best thing to being at home. You can trust the machine, especially when the pet need to have special diets or any kind of medicine. The best part is that this Feed and Go connects to your Wi-Fi router and you have all the access to regulate the feedings from your smartphone. It is as simple watching the pet and feeding in real. You can also use it for wet food. This is pretty much cat proof.

Positive points/Pros: The most advanced feature that distinct the product from others is no doubt, the Webcam and Wi-Fi built in technology. The machine is made with a harmless cat proof friendly plastic material, which will not cause any harm to your pet. It will help you in keeping the wet food sealed air tight. You can easily login and watch the webcam to keep an eye on your pet anytime, from anywhere. The device also has the feature of making a call If you can’t see your pet when you log in. You can play a message to call your pet over to the feeder.

Negative Points/Cons: the device runs through the plugin and No battery backup, are there to support the machine. You can use the machine connecting to Wi-Fi.

Why do people like the product: Basically, people like the product as it is loaded with all the advanced features required for your pet.
Features that could be Improved: I personally do not feel that the device could need any improvement. Already it is an all advanced product. So possibly consider adding a battery backup is more than enough.