Pet Feedster Automatic Pet Feeder

Pet Feedster Automatic Pet FeederOverview: This Pet Feeder machine is the most excellent device which can serve at best up to 5 meals per day of any portion you choose. Pet Feedster is proven to be an ant proof product, while other make and model of different Pet Feeder device suffers from the issue. The unique feature of the device is reported as it can be powered by AC adapter. The device can run with the power of 6 x “D” batteries. So you do not need to worry about the power failure. This battery back up will save your pet from being starved for a long period of time. Thus, it is a good idea to transfer the responsibility of feeding your pet to a machine without worry about your cat of not being fed.

Positive points/Pros: The machine has Large capacity to feed the pet to hold a pretty good quantity of food for your pet. The product has a great customer service. The machine is intended for cat. That means all the aspects of the device is designed with a cat proof approach so that cat will not feel any discomfort using the feeder. You can use the unit to disburse all varieties of food sizes. Pet Feedster has featured with the A/C power and battery backup privileges. It benefits you to schedule for a maximum of up to 5 meals each day different size of doses.

Negative Points/Cons: The main disadvantage of the machine is that it is not a portable unit with the feature of easy to carry. The device is loaded with several features. The unit has a large capacity, which made the size of the device a bit bulky. Another demerit is that the Plastic material used in the production of the unit may cause acne for some cats.

Why do people like the product: People love the device for the reason that the Pet Feedster works well on both AC adapter and Battery. Cats will not be able to reach the kibble through all the trials and knock over the feeder. The machine is cat proof. As per the user review reports the machine can hold a good amount of food and scheduling of the feeds is also easy to manage.

This machine can manage your pets feeding for a couple of days when you are away from the home. The machine has high capacity to store more food for your pets. As it runs on battery backup, you will be on a peace of mind that the pets will definitely have their meals without worrying about power failure. The machine has also gained appreciation from many users as it can be operated with different variety of kibble dispensed with good accuracy.

Features that could be Improved: Often it has been noticed that the clock may run slow and the user has to adjust it properly for effective working.