Pet Station Automatic Feeder with Built-in Camera

Pet Station Automatic Feeder with Built-in CameraOverview: Pet Station is the most intelligent automatic pet feeder of current days. This unit is connected with a built-in camera that allows you to watch your pet from a distance place. You can make a video call on the device from your smart phone and the video of your pet can be streamed on your phone. With all this in mind, it’s definitely worth making sure that your internet at home is as reliable as possible to allow for both accurate feeding times and the video capabilities of these feeders; if you feel like yours is due in upgrade, you may wish to check metronet pricing, as well as pricing from the other providers in your area, to see who will be able to provide you with the connection that you need to talk to your four-legged friend when you’re not there. If you have a package with the dish network, you’ll already be benefitting from having a high-speed internet connection, so you may be in a good position to give this product a shot in your home.

You can also be able to regulate and change the diet of your pet through the iOS smart phone apps. Thus, you can control and monitor your pet’s health.

The best feature of this smart feeder is that, it can connect wirelessly to your Wi-Fi home network. This allows you to setup your Skype account. At the time of eating, this machine helps you to connect with your pet through video calls.

You can also program a feeding schedule for your pet from a remote place at any time. As per the need of the pet you can schedule the diet of your cat for every day or group of days of the week.

During the meal you can program the machine with a personal recorded message calling your pet to eat. Often the intelligent device also helps your pet to make video calls.

The unit runs with an AC/DC adapter and is easy to fill and clean.


 Why do people like the product:

  • The most advanced feature of the unit is that it connects wirelessly to your home’s Wi-fi network.
  • You can connect the unit with all types of Smart phones ranging from iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5S, 6, 6+ to Android 4.0 Version.
  • You can schedule the programmed feeding times through setting up to 20 meals each day.
  • You can trust the Accuracy of the timer for reliable feeding times.
  • You can adjust the meals timing and quantity individually.
  • The unit has the facility to program a personalized voice recording message calling your pet to eat.
  • Removable feeding bowl for better cleaning.
  • Lid-Lock mechanism for the safety of the food to spill out.
  • You will get notified when the machine is running from shortage of food.


Positive points/Pros:

  • You can program the feeder from anywhere at any time.
  • Simple to use PetStation app interface.
  • Now you can control your pet’s feeding schedule from your smart phone remotely at anytime.
  • You can feed your pet maximum up to 20 times each day.
  • You can go for 100% customizable feeding schedule.
  • You do not need to keep a certain time Intervals between each meal.
  • Accurate timer is best for your pet for reliable feeding schedule.
  • You can get contact with your pet through Skype video calls.


Negative Points/Cons:

  • The machine cannot operate without a smart phone and internet.
  • The hopper does not have a large capacity.
  • This is an expensive, highly priced device.


Conclusion: In the present day mobile generation need a pet feeder like PetStation automatic feeder. The machine is a best solution to program, setup and regulate your pets diet and health.