Pet Watch Automatic Pet Feeder

Pet Watch Automatic Pet FeederOverview: If you need a 5 meals per day Automatic pet feeder, then this PetWatch Automatic Pet Feeder is the best solution for you. You can schedule, individually programmed Each meal to the machine with the desired time and size of each dose of food for your pet. For instance, you can set small dinners and big breakfasts as to best suit your cat’s needs.

Further, a manual push button is there to help you to get manual feedings to your pets at any time. The machine has 1.54 lbs or 700g small kibble capacity. The food hopper can be detached from the machine for easy cleaning.

One interesting feature include that the device plays a melody when dispensing food to call your pet to eat. Pet Watch allows to adjust the volume of the food as per your pet’s sensitivity. Timer V, Version allows you to record your own voice for calling your pet to eat.Is not it really as awesome idea!

Also the device engineered with a safety Interlock mechanism in it that makes the motor stop if the lid is opened while the feeder is working. Additional the machine is manufactured with a strengthened chew-proof cord for the safety of your pet.

Why do people like the product:

  • The unit can feed up to 5 meals a day
  • You can Program individually for each meal
  • A 24-hour digital timer
  • All the meals can be programmed to the minute
  • You can set portion sizes from 0.35 Oz up to 2.82 Oz each.
  • The unit has 1.54-lbs capacity food hopper
  • The feeding tray and removable food hopper can be detached from the unit for easy cleaning
  • You can opt for a manual feedings through a push of a button
  • It has been featured with Interlock safety mechanism
  • Power supply cord is made of Strong materials for extra safety.
  • There is a power switch to turn the feeder ON/OFF
  • The machine comes with a dimension of : 12.6”W x 8.9”D x 13.8”H
  • Weight of the unit: 6.6 lbs
  • You will be provided with an Instruction Manual and Adapter
  • The unit is Made in Korea

Positive points/Pros:

  • It is easy to operate and simple to setup.
  • You can trust the digital timer
  • You can program each meal individually for different time and size, maximum up to 5 times a day
  • The unit can feed up to a minimum amount of 0.25 Oz dry.
  • It plays a melody while disbursing food
  • No need to re-program the unit as the timer retains programming
  • If the lid is opened while operating the safety mechanism makes the motor stop
  • Made with the strengthened power cord for chewer cats

Negative Points/Cons:

  • The machine has not very big Capacity of food container.
  • No battery backup to ensure feedings in case of power failure
  • The unit is not suitable for kibble bigger than 2/5” diameter

Conclusion: As per many reviews the Pet Watch automatic pet feeder is a reliable and simple unit. The unit can be programmed as per your desire.