Petly Automatic Pet Feeder

Petly automatic pet feederOverview: PETLY is the name of the best suitable automatic pet feeder engineered in an advanced way to feed your cat dry food in desired time frequency with the doses of programs portions. The use of the automatic pet feeder can eliminate over-eating of your pet and further it keeps your cat at a healthy weight. The Petly is the doctor for your cat, while helping the pets to lose weight on a weight loss program.

No worry, the unit does not need any technical skill, it is user friendly, simple to use and easy to program. Times and amounts of food are as easy as turn and press a dial.

This automatic feeder is designed with superb quality of code ideal for cats that like to chew on cords.


Why do people like the product:

  • The machine is simple to operate by a turn and press of a dial.
  • The feeder has a food container of a 2.2 lbs capacity of dry food.
  • You can program it to feed up to 4 times a day.
  • You need to maintain a 30 minutes of minimum interval between feeds.
  • Each time food Portions can be set from a minimum of 5-gram to 50 grams.
  • Intended to prevent food smell filtration.
  • The unit has Clock display with a 24 hour setting
  • Powered by 4 D batteries, but not come along with the unit.
  • The unit is made in Japan. With 1-year warranty

You will get  a Food tray pre-attached to the main body, Food tank pre-attached to the main body and Owner’s Manual and Warranty along with the The main unit.  


Positive points/Pros:

  • The Petly automatic pet feeders are made with high quality standards.
  • It is a durable unit.
  • You can get Reliability in operation and utmost accuracy from the device.
  • You can individually adjust the Portion of meals.
  • Just by turning and pushing one dial you can easily operate and program the unit.
  • By pushing the manual button you can execute a manual feeds at any time.
  • The machine is well designed to block food smells from coming out of the feeder.
  • Using the On/Off button you can stop the unit from operating.
  • Changing the batteries do not need any rescheduling of settings.
  • You will get a detachable food tray which can be removed for easy cleaning.
  • The machine has all the Elegant and intelligent design.


Negative Points/Cons:

  • The unit does not have power backup. It works only through batteries.
  • You need to buy it separately as the unit does not come with batteries.
  • The machine is unable to accept all types of kibble.
  • It does not work with internet
  • It seems expensive.


Conclusion: The modern Petly automatic feeder is a thoughtfully designed unit. The device meets all high quality standards. The machine is best appreciated for high quality and durability. The unit is a good one for the cat that need 1 to 4 meals of feeding per day.