PetSafe Eatwell Electronic Pet Feeder

PetSafe Eatwell Electronic Pet FeederOverview: PetSafe Eatwell is the Electronic Pet Feeder device on which you can easily rely upon. If you are a late comer, or frequently going out for small time from your home and you do not want your pets to be suffering from feed through the period then this is a great option for you. The device will manage to space food out over the day in the prescribed quantity. The best thing is that, it has five compartments,which you can feel when you need.

When you are suspecting your absence for a long period, then you will have to refill it with more food so that the models having the large compartments can hold more food for your pet to feed. It has the feature to store big amounts of food.  But it is not a good idea to leave for a few days depending upon this pet feeder.

The model won’t have the flexibility like some other advanced models to manage your pet for a couple of days in the absence of yours. The electronic timer associated with it allows you to set the times for each new meal. Instead on 4 feedings you can only program the machine for 4 feedings in one hour increments. In this way your pet will have immediate access to the first bowl. The device is powered y 4 D-cell batteries. But the batteries will not be included with the device you need to purchase them separately.

Positive points/Pros: The model is an inexpensive one. You can easily use it for both wet or dry food. The machine has a good battery life.

Negative Points/Cons: A sort of technical knowhow is required. You will find it confusing to program, sometimes if it is not done with proper instructions. It is not cat proof. Often cats can break into this model. The Plastic material used in the model may cause cat acne.

Why do people like the product: It is a low price feeder in the point of an Electronic Pet Feeder. The machine is featured with many major plus points. According to some user the basic features available with the device suit their needs very well. It will cater all your need to feed your pet and you do not need to go for a more expensive model for your requirement. As per most reviewers the machine’s performance is noted to be very good.

Features that could be Improved: As I told programing the unit has a little difficulty. The device runs with batteries and when the batteries go dead, you need to replace them. At the time of battery replacement the unit needs to be reprogrammed. The other thing is that, the machine is associated with a try which need to be cleaned and proper care should be taken to reposition it correctly. Else the machine won’t work properly.